Composite filling

Modern dentistry always provides solutions and treatments that maintain the natural look and feel of your teeth wherever possible and that extends to fillings.  

Traditional tooth fillings were always made from silver-coloured amalgam and these are still used, especially for the less visible fillings of back teeth, and remain a cost-effective and strong option.  

White fillings are increasingly popular among patients who want to retain a natural appearance for teeth that have been filled.  

Modern materials include a plastic ‘composite’ or ceramic materials like porcelain or zirconia.  

What are the benefits?

  • Aesthetics  
  • Less tooth preparation  

Amalgam Fillings

Fillings are placed to repair cavities in teeth caused by decay or fracture. Dental amalgam is a silver coloured mixture of metals including mercury, silver, tin and copper. Those materials mixed together from a very hard, durable alloy, ideal for the restoration of posterior teeth. Concerns are frequently expressed about the safety of dental amalgam. However amalgam is considered to be safe to be used.

Recently it is advisable not to use amalgam in children and expecting / nursing mothers.

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